Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Little About Me

'Great, another late teen - early twenty year old writing some shitty fucking blog because it was their New Years resolution to blog.'

That's right! Another person writing some shitty fucking blog that probably no one cares about, no one will read, and people will only read to make fun of me for. I shall continue this blog though, because apparently I am one of those people who *blog* now.

This is mostly just a place for me to show what goes on in my life or the dumb things I did with my friends over the weekend.

I'm new at this, so let's just get to the awkward 'this is me and my life' shit.

This is me (Katie), taken by a friend. (Thanks, Sammy!)

I'm a regular 19, almost 20, year old from Santa Barbara, California. I go to Santa Barbara City College and this is my fourth semester there. I am the youngest of six, and yes it was as bad as it sounds growing up. But now we all get along and are actually friends. 

Here is all of us when my oldest brother (his wife is clearly in the white) had gotten married in May of 2015. It's rare for all of the kids to be in a photo together where we actually look good and someone isn't trying to shove one of us out of the photo or trying to block half of us. 

I can probably count my friends on my two hands, but I only really hang out with my two best friends. 

I've been best friends with Scott since we were probably 15 years old. We both agreed that she forced me into a friendship, but at this point in our lives we're both glad she did.

This past April (2016) is when we had brought our precision Sam (or as she would say, our baby) into the friendship. I don't know about them, but I would say from the second we picked Sam up for the first to the moment we dropped her off, we knew that she was going to be sticking around. 

(I sound nicer to them on here than I am in real life.)

I'm still going to try to be getting in the groove of this, so I don't know how often I will actually be posting on here. I will most likely be posting about what music I'm currently listening to/TV show I'm watching, or what cool thing me, Sam, and Scott did over the weekend when we see each other. Hopefully this works out well, and hopefully people stick around to see my major success from this blog (just kidding).

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