Sunday, March 5, 2017

Morro Bay

I have been procrastinating on this for weeks now, and my friend called me out on it multiple times. I tried to use the excuse that I've been so busy with school (it's slowly sucking away my soul) but she said it was a bullshit excuse. So thanks for that, Ashley.

I was going to write about this wall of different art/people/pictures I have on my wall in my room (which was Sammy's idea) but the new pictures that I was going to put up didn't work out as planned. So I'm going to post that tomorrow. You're welcome, Ashley.

A couple weeks ago, the gang went to Morro Bay for the day. It was extremely cold and rainy, but it was still a lot of fun. For those of you who are here just for the photos, I have photos for you.

We got up early and stopped in Solvang for some coffee/breakfast. And we sat there for probably 30-40 minutes just like this:

Ha, millennials. Am I right?
We started our drive to Morro Bay and every time we saw a cow, we started looking for a place to pull over because Sam wanted to see one. Unfortunately we couldn't stop but we saw many cows.

We went after there was weeks of rain. So everything North of Santa Barbara was so green to the point that we were questioning if we were really in California. It was gorgeous to see that much green in California since I don't even remember the last time seeing that much green in California. 

Once we go to Morro Bay, we went straight to the harbor. There was this cute green/teal wall right by the bathrooms that I took a photo of Scottie in front of. 

I stole this from Sammy lmao

Then we went to the beach right by the big rock. And Scott refused to get out of her car because of the mud and she didn't want to get her shoes dirty. So Sam and I got out of the car to take photos. It was so windy (clearly by the photos of Sam you can tell) and there was this couple in the car next to Scottie that was staring at us like we were crazy for getting out of the car. 

We walked around for a bit and found a psychic shop so Scott went in to go get her palm read. While she did that, Sam and I hung out on the little benches they had next to the shop.

And Sam found a cute little restaurant sign that was, as she would say it, on brand. 

After Scott's reading, we walked towards this diner to get some lunch and came across this shop and had these little face cut out signs. On the other side was a mermaid and a seahorse, but we felt the octopus and the starfish suited us more. Also, we don't know if Smoobage is a word but that was the name of the shop that had it out. 

Our last trip before going home, we went to this cute antique store that looked like it would be something in the movie Cars. It was really small but there was only about six or seven other people in the shop.

The old signs were our favorite part of the shop.

That was our entire trip to Morro Bay. We also took a photo in front of the antique store. Right when Sam counted to three, the rain went from 0 to 100 in a split second. It was to the point where the rain hurt when it hit you. Easily the funniest thing to happen to us.

Anyways, that's my post for now. I hope it wasn't as boring to read as I thought it would be. Shout out to Ashley for getting on my ass for not posting, so you can thank her for making you go through this God awful post. I'll post again tomorrow (hopefully) about the art that's on my wall.

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